Created by: Jessica Tedesco/Image Copyright@ Briana Tedesco 2019

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Music Video

Runaway June's

I Can Buy My Own Drinks

I had so much fun being on this set with my friends and the amazing girls from "Runaway June" 

Here I portray the younger version of Lead Vocalist Naomi Cooke. 

Fun Fact That's really my blue guitar I am using in the video. It was incredible to work on set with Peter Zavadil from Tiny Terror Productions, whom I have worked on with previously on 2 other commercials


Just Came Out March 2019.

Erwin Bros & Lionsgate

I am so excited I got to be a part of this project to help unveil some big news coming March 27th LIVE from NRB!

Check out the website to get more information about KINGDOM! I am so excited to find out and was so humbled to chosen for this project.


World Trip

I got to spend a whole week in Orlando with my Nonnie, Papa, Aunts & Uncles, Cousin, Great Gramma and Mom & Dad. 

We went to Animal Kingdom one day and then Walt Disney World. I rode the Avatar Ride and it was insane and so cool. I also got to swim in the pool at our vacation rental and enjoy so much sunshine and rest. 

I was really sad to get back to the cold but we are moving South soon and will be closer to Atlanta again.